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President’s Greeting Tien-Rein Lee

Congratulations to entering Chinese Culture University, and joining the Hwa Kang family with its beautiful Chinese culture, Phoenix-like rising on top of the mountain ridge: to become one of us, for further unfolding a splendid and abundant, bright-shining time period among the route of human life.

I look forward to see everyone mastering this point in life, changing from high-school to university student, re-investigating on your life goal for a while - see if you can make ample use of all kinds of plentiful information available at the university campus, and strengthen your essential abilities. I also encourage everybody to explore the departments’ course offers, to first prepare and draft the future study plan; but at the same time, you might also want to learn about other interesting sciences - so please make use of the chance to attend electives, or audit at courses of your interest, and actively unfold, nurture and expand your individual fields of knowledge.

We encourage you to conscientiously turn to your teachers during class and after, to find the best solutions to your own way of study. In the university life, you should also find and become friends with likeminded fellow students, form lifelong partnerships, strive for mutual help and support, and give guidance to each other.

Also, don’t forget to explore and try the campus facilities: This University owns a Stadium which is widely admired in Asia - Da Xiao Building, the first university museum in all Taiwan - Hwa Kang Museum; and, ranking 5th Memorial Library, to enrich your student life at CCU. Last, not least, you may want to join student organizations’ activities, engage in social services, learn how to communicate with collectives, and how to contribute your part, and enjoy how to support others in their interests.

Of course, if fortunes favors it that you make the acquaintance of intimate companions who will share your times of trouble and cheer, and intensely study at your side, for the sake of the next generation – well, that will make your study experience most complete and marvelous!