Program for International Students

 CCU has established a number of innovative and special departments that are met in almost all disciplines. With such an advantage, we have launched 1 Bachelor degree program, 15 master degree programs and 1 PH.D. degree program to offer courses completely taught in English, available for international students worldwide. The programs include disciplines in Business Administration, Banking and Finance, Accounting, International Tourism Management, International Trade, Information Management, Global Business, Journalism, Agricultural Biotechnology, Architecture and Urban Design, Digital Mechatronic Technology, English and American Literatures, Earth Sciences、 Sport Coaching Science and China Study. The majority of faculties in these programs hold an advanced degree from abroad.

 Therefore, they are capable of communicating with, and providing guidance for international students. International students will be provided with accommodations on campus—Dormitory. For graduate students, each room accommodates 2 to 6 students. Shared stay of international and local students will be arranged for cross-cultural experience, and easier adaption to studying and living in Taiwan. In addition, student counseling and self-organized student assistance services will be available in the dormitory to ensure that international student service will be ready when needed.

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◆ The Admission Result for first and second round fall semester,2014

Graduate Programs
◆ PHD in Business Administration (Available in fall semester only)
◆ Master Program in JOURNALISM (Available in Fall semester only)
◆ Master Program in BIOTECHNOLOGY
◆ Master Program in EARTH SCIENCES
◆ Master and PHD Program in SPORT COACHING SCIENCE
◆ Master Program in CHINA STUDIES (Available in fall semester only)
◆ GLOBAL BUSINESS(BACHELOR AND MASTER) (Available in fall semester only)

◆ Application form of International English Program Admission [Download]
◆ General Admission Procedures and Requirements
◆ How to apply
◆ Introduction

◆ Online Application
  1. Please fill in this online form for your personal data and press for saving your data. Please do not forget to print it out as well.
  2. Download "Application form for international program admission” and prepare the documents required after filling on the form.
  3. All applicants must submit application form by post with all documents required, application form and your online application system data for reviewing before the application deadline of each academic year. Please indicate “International Student Application” on your envelope.
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  CCU also offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate degree programs for international students who are able to study in Chinese language. If you are interested in Chinese speaking degree programs, please visit the website at 本校101學年度外國學生申請入學簡章