CCU Today
Cross-Cultural Culinary Combat
As every year, the "Week of the Foreign Language Departments" will soon take place again in front of the Da-Yi building - it will be celebrated from 21st to 25th March 2016. The aim of the event is to promote the intercultural exchange between the students.
Strolling Between the Lights
Each year the lantern festival keeps visitors from every part of the world coming to Taiwan. But which meaning do the beautiful, colorful lanterns have and what does the lantern festival look like here in Taiwan?
Paradise for food & fun-loving creatures
Food from the Far Eastern hemisphere grew from a long tradition. Nowadays it is easy to find Chinese cuisine in every large international city. However, some critics insist that there are true Chinese delicacies that can only be found in Taiwan. For the Taiwanese people, food means art, and it also represents their culture.
Temperament, Simplicity, Strength, Tenacity
Chinese Culture University (CCU) was founded in 1962. The founder of CCU, Prof. Dr. Chang Chi-Yun, laid out the founding ideals of CCU: to integrate the merits of the East and the West, while remaining up to date. He also set the guiding spirit of the University: “temperament, simplicity, strength and tenacity”, underlining the importance of a student’s mindful awareness of the significance of education and social responsibility in life.
Yangmingshan National Park
Chinese Culture University’s campus is situated on Yangmingshan (mountain). It lies in direct neighborhood of the National Park area, within a ten minutes drive to the north. When subterranean movements caused a massive collision between the Philippines’ oceanic plate and the Eurasian continental plate millions of years ago, pressure caused violent volcanic activity, lifting up the Eurasian plate.