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2014 Oct News
Taiwan CDC: English web interface

Taiwan’s Center for Disease Control (CDC) has launched an English web interface in order to provide all citizens with English up-to-date information on the island’s infectious disease prevention and control. The “Taiwan National Infectious Disease Statistics System” is an online statistics system with an intuitive interface informing on approximately 60 notifiable infectious diseases. Data showing epidemiological curves and geographical distributions are updated on a daily basis. The database also includes the proportionate numbers of weekly visits to emergency departments, and circulating virus types and subtypes for selected infectious diseases within the community. Seasonal patterns, such as influenza and enteroviral infections, are closely being watched and displayed.

With regard to the potential spreading of the Ebola virus, the CDC has initiated procedures to prevent and control an infection threat to Taiwan. Relevant organizations and airline companies have been requested to distribute the “Ebola Declaration Form” on travel history on board all flights arriving in Taiwan from Europe and Dubai, and the implementation of quarantine measures at international airports has been enhanced. Passengers on all arriving international flights are asked to voluntarily contact the Taiwan CDC’s quarantine officer at the airport upon arrival, if they have traveled to areas affected by Ebola in West Africa, including Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone within the past 21 days.

Taiwan National Infectious Disease Statistics System: http://nidss.cdc.gov.tw/en
Center of Disease Control website: http://www.cdc.gov.tw/english/index.aspx
Source: Department of Health, Taipei City Government

In commemoration of the Founder

On November 9th, it is the University Founder’s birthday. Born in 1901, Prof. Chang Chi-Yun has witnessed the troubles of the 20th century, with two World Wars having put East and West into turmoil, and China seeing the end of its thousands of years old monarchy coming to an end. The odds of long-lasting civil wars may have pressed the Chinese people like no other, but the struggle for building up a new country has been an even stronger driving force. Challenged by the crises of his time, but with a steadfast projection into the future, Prof. Chang devoted his life to the ideals and values of higher education. The continuation and revival of ethical values, moral standards, and higher wisdom of Chinese Culture is embodied in his heritage, here in Hwa Kang, but also in the hearts of many generations of students, who have shared this spirit and have graduated from here since 1962.

Chinese Culture University keeps Prof. Chang’s achievements in honorable commemoration. In 2014, the Commemoration Ceremony will be held on Nov. 8, in combination with the day of the Alumni Homecoming, so that friends of CCU from Alumni organizations around the world will be able to participate. Furthermore, a memorial concert and special exhibition invite to share the memory of the Founder and initiator of the Hwa Kang spirit. CCU is going to establish a digital archive of his life and teachings within the coming five to six years. The first stage containing about one fifth of the whole collection has already been completed, and will be opened to the public on the Founder’s birthday in this year.