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2014 Dec News
Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival

The Golden Horse Awards was founded in 1962, to promote Taiwanese film production and recognize excellent Taiwanese films and outstanding filmmakers. The Chinese Characters "Golden Horse," pronounced “Jin Ma” in Chinese, were derived from the names of the islands of Jinmen and Matsu. In 1990, the official name of The Golden Horse Awards had then been changed to "Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival," which is not only the most important film event in Taiwan, but includes the Golden Horse Award competition, the Film Project Promotion and the Film Academy. In 2013, the Film Festival celebrated its 50th anniversary by holding 8 Master Talks with Hou Hsiao Hsien, Ang Lee, Tsai Ming Liang, Ann Hui, Ye Lou, Peter Chan, Stanley Kwan and Maggie Cheung.

The Golden Horse Awards encourages the development of Chinese-language films, introduces excellent films from around the world, inspires creativity, and stimulates the exchange of ideas. Awards in the film category are given for Best Feature Film, Best Short Film, Best Documentary, and Best Animation Feature. 18 Awards are given for Individual Performance, including: Best Director, Best Leading Actor / Best Leading Actress, Best Supporting Actor / Best Supporting Actress, Best New Director, Best New Performer, etc. Special Awards are given for: Outstanding Taiwanese Filmmaker of the Year, the Golden Horse Special Award, and the Audience Choice Award. The 51st Golden Horse Film Festivals lasted from Nov. 6th – 27th. This year’s Awards winners have been announced at the 51st Golden Horse Awards Ceremony on November 22, 2014, among them:

  • Blind Massage directed by LOU Ye won six Golden Horse Awards, including Best Feature Film, Best New Performer, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Film Editing, Best Sound Effects.
  • CHEN Jian-Bin won Best Leading Actor and Best New Director with A Fool, as well as Best Supporting Actor with Paradise In Service.
  • CHEN Shiang Chyi was crowned with Best Leading Actress with EXIT.
  • Director Ann HUI won her third Best Director Award with The Golden Era, following Ordinary Heroes (1999) and A Simple Life (2011).

For more information please see: Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival 2014

CCU International Symposium on Teaching Quality

The CCU International Office in cooperation with the Public Relations Office will hold the “2014 International Symposium on the Advancement of University Teaching Quality” on Dec. 12, 2014, at Chinese Culture University. Guest speakers include Dr. Kazunori SHIMA, Research Institute for Higher Education / Hiroshima University; Research Fellow Shuya WU, Research Institute for Higher Education / Hiroshima University; and Prof. ZHANG Xianchu, Faculty of Law / University of Hong Kong; sharing the experience of their teaching environment and the current situation of education at the two universities. Besides, eight Professors of CCU will offer their insights about CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) training methods and results gained in Australia, in two workshops on exploring and applying CLIL.

Venue: International Conference Hall, Hsiao Feng Memorial Building, Chinese Culture University
Date: Dec. 12, 2014
Time: 9:00am – 5:00pm
Program: CCU Teaching Quality 12_2014

International Students explore cultural delights

On Saturday 1st of November, 60 CCU International Students have attended a one-day excursion to explore some special highlights of Chinese culture in the University’s vicinity. The event started at noon, and the tour took them to three outstanding places of cultural importance: the Hua Shan Creative Park, a traditional tea garden, and the Taipei Eye Opera. Hua Shan Creative Park invites to discover the many arts performances, exhibitions, and delicious treats of Taiwan’s cuisine presented in several halls of the 1914 wine and camphor factories area. In the mountains of Nangang, while enjoying the landscape sceneries of the Taipei basin, students were experiencing the process of tea production, and took part in a DIY course teaching how to make key fob by using herbal tea. Back to Taipei City and after dinner, Taipei Eye Theatre warmly welcomed the students, inviting them to pose for photographs with the lion performers and acrobats. The total event schedule ended late in the evening, with happy students from Korea, France, Russia, Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Macao having enjoyed a charming choice of local creative arts, tasty delicacies, traditional puppet theatre and opera performance.

The International Office frequently organizes events for CCU International Students in order to foster and intensify cultural exchange and mutual understanding.

Event details are provided on facebook
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Hua Shan Creative Park
Taipei Eye