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2015 Feb News
CCU new online M-portal

With the start of 2015, CCU has launched its brand-new mobile access platform M-Portal, providing the most accurate updates of the latest campus news and announcements, the quickest access to online accounts, and other useful information for easy check-up on your mobile phone. Besides, M-Portal offers CCU APPs, a mobile campus calendar, and emergency hotline information.

Minute-by-minute, course and lecture information including time and location is updated and available via the APP connection. For leaving the campus after class, students can now easily check the situation at the CCU bus stop on their mobile phone through a coordinated camera and online traffic data network: arrival and departure times of the Red 5 bus line and a quick overview on the number of students queuing up makes commuting more flexible and convenient. Except the Red 5 bus line, lines 260 and 303 are also linked into the data information system, as with regard to students’ safety, the university encourages everybody to make intensified use of the available local mass transportation offers, especially during the colder season here on Yang Ming Shan.

The launch of the M-Portal will make life on campus smarter, easier, and more enjoyable. CCU warmly invites you to participate in the experience!

M-Portal access

Taiwan’s EVA AIR among Top Ten airlines

As a kick-off for the 2015 travelling season, AirlineRatings.com has announced its Top Ten airlines for 2015: Air New Zealand leads the ranking, with Etihad Airways and Cathay Pacific Airways coming in second and third. Among the two newcomers this year is Taiwan’s EVA AIR, together with Lufthansa, with EVA AIR on rank 7 right before the German carrier, the Japanese Nippon Airways, and British Airways. Selection criteria include, first of all, a seven-star-safety rating, and strong leadership in innovation regarding passenger comfort. The rating system is officially endorsed by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), a United Nations Specialized Agency. “We are looking for leaders in the industry, airlines that go the extra distance to make a real difference to the passenger experience,” said Geoffrey Thomas AirlineRatings.com Editor-in-Chief.

EVA AIR continues to lead with the offering of premium economy in 2015, which it first introduced in 1992. Besides, the company was also rated the Best Long-Haul Airline Asia/Pacific among carriers based in the region: EVA has a perfect safety record and operates comfortable, fuel-efficient Boeing 777-300ERs on its long-haul flights to Europe and North America. The airline is also known for high quality of in-flight product, passenger options, value-for-price-ratio, financial results, management, and customer service. According to Thomas, “EVA AIR is the quiet achiever and trendsetter and was one of the first airlines to introduce premium economy class. From its inception in the late 1980s, the airline has focused on delivering passengers a host of travel options. This has resulted in EVA dominating the region and made it a trendsetter.”

The complete AirlineRatings.com Top Ten Ranking:

  1. Air NZ 787
  2. Etihad Residence
  3. Cathay Pacific Business Class
  4. Qantas Lounge in Canberra
  5. Emirates Lounge on the A380
  6. Singapore First Class
  7. EVA AIR 777
  8. Lufthansa 747-8
  9. All Nippon Airways First Class
  10. British Airways A380 Business Class

More information:

Top Travel Destination: Taiwan

Have you heard about the rich culture, the beauty of the countryside, the wide range of travel spots, and the famous hospitality of the people of Taiwan? All these have made the island the perfect destination for the holiday season; moreover, you will even get the best deals in terms of price and quality here.

Based on the United Nations World Tourism Organization’s (UNWTO) 2014 Worldwide Visitors’ Growth Ranking, foreign tourist arrivals to Taiwan rose 26.7% in the first half of 2014 (compared to 2013), topping Japan's 26.4% year-on-year increase. In general, foreign tourist arrivals in the Asia-Pacific region have risen to 5.4%, with South Korea and Hong Kong showing double-digit growth.

Revenue generated from the tourism industries in Taiwan rose 18.5 %, taking third place worldwide behind Japan (27.5%) and South Korea (25.2%). In total, 8 million guests have come to the beautiful island in 2013, and the number has continuously risen to 9 million in December 2014. About 90 percent of the tourists came from Asia: mainland China, Japan, Hong Kong, and Macau. Now hopes and expectations are high that foreign visitors to Taiwan might even reach a total of 10 million in 2015, following the global trend of increasing traveler numbers worldwide. Prospects are positive: With more than 320,000 visitors, 2014 Taipei International Travel Fair (Taipei ITF) held in December celebrated the largest number of visitors since its establishment.

The 10 most popular destinations in the first half of 2014 after Taiwan and Japan have been: Mexico (19.8%), South Korea (18.5%), Greece (16.7%), Argentina (16.7%), Vietnam (15.6%), Poland (13%), Portugal (12.2%), Hong Kong (10.5%), Malaysia (10.5%), and Sweden (10.1%).

For more information, please see: Tourism Bureau