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2015 Apr News
Maokong Spring Tea Season

Maokong is part of the Wenshan-region in the south of the Taipei Basin. This has been one of the biggest tea-producing areas of Taipei, but as the access roads were too narrow, the community’s administration decided to build the Maokong Gondola here.In this region, there are plenty of tea houses specializing in leisure and gourmet kitchen: tourists are attracted by the combination of traditional tea culture and local delicacies. Besides, the beautiful hills offer stunning views above Taipei and the surrounding landscape. This is why Maokong has become a popular place of local recreation.

Every year in May and June it‘s the Spring Tea Season. There is a special kind of tea named Tieguanyin, which has been favored ever since by the people of Fujian and Guangdong provinces. Since the 1950ies, the people of North China also started to admire the tea, and it soon spread throughout the world. Consummation rose continuously, and in the years of 1979 and 1984, Oolong teas have been all the rage in Japan. Especially Fujian-Tieguanyin with its fascinating flavor had become highly popular in Japan. In Japan and Taiwan, Tieguanyin has almost become a synonym for Oolong tea.

Tieguanyin is being harvested 4 to 5 times a year. Chun Cha (Spring-tea) und Dong Cha (Winter tea), that are picked in spring or winter, are of the best quality, so these two are the ones mostly being discussed. Chun Cha takes in the nutrients that had been stored by the soil in winter, so it stands out by its characteristic scent of early spring and special sweetness. You will feel resfreshed after a bowl of this charming tea. In contrast, the taste of Dong Cha is clear and strong. Each has its special features, and due to the optimized production procedures, the quality is of highest standard. The best Tieguanyin has thick, heavy and remarkably big leaves. After hot water has been poured on the tea, you can sense its intense, steady smell. After the first sip, the strong, consistent taste remains in the mouth.

Maokong Gondola

Tieguanyin Tea plantation

The Curse of Da Ren Building

On 8th April 2015, the College of Foreign Languages in Da Ren building of Chinese Culture University became the center of attention for a strange matter of interest: As the legend goes, once upon a time, there was a young girl who loved to dance. As she was very beautiful, many people knew her and liked her, and many young men had hoped to win her heart; however, there were also people looking at her with envy.

As she was a good student, every day after class, she would continue practicing in the class room. But one day she could not find her dancing shoes. So she asked one of her colleagues if she had found them. Unfortunately, that girl was one of those who did not like the beautiful student. She lied to her, and this lie led to the tragic death of the popular girl! Under great pressure, she had been stuck in the building while looking for her dancing shoes, and when she had finally found them hidden in a bathroom, she was murdered by a crazy admirer, who didn't want to share her with anyone else, and then also took his own life ... but their bodies haven't been found yet!

On 8 April, CCU students were invited to find them, and help to solve the riddle.

This event had been organized by the College of Foreign Languages. Entry tickets were sold between 23rd March and 1st April in Da Dian building at the price of 100 NT, students of the College of Foreign Languages were offered a 50 percent discount. 125 students attended the gruesome search, finally bringing back peace and harmony to the building... Almost every participant responded that it had been very interesting and that they had great fun.

At CCU, there are many ghost stories, which is why the College of Foreign Languages conducts the event every year under a different topic. It is a major attraction and a great opportunity to make new contacts and find new friends on campus.