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2015 Sep News
CCU Students eager for research

Students of Chinese Culture University have again achieved strong results in successful applications for projects funded by the "Young Scholars Research Plan 2015", issued by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), Taiwan. The new success rate counts as much as 63 granted projects, putting CCU at 13th position out of a total of 159 public and private universities island-wide. This result is especially remarkable as the total number of applications by CCU students has been lower than last year, and it is confirming the University's strategy of nurturing young talents at an early stage of their career.

Teachers at CCU are encouraged to identify talented students soon after their entry into university, with the goal to promote promising young researchers as early as possible in their individual field of expertise. Selected students are then being instructed one-on-one in their specific fields of interests. This year's research topics chosen to be funded by the MOST authorities mirror the inventive spirit of the young experts-to-be. The projects also reflect the wide range of choices offered by the many departments, and the eminent diversity of study plans that can be realized here at Chinese Culture University.

Due to a rise of financial rewards, this year's competition has been even more fierce than before: The sum paid by the MOST for a duration of eight months has been increased to 6,000 NTD per month, causing a rise in applications to 7,850; meaning 1,222 requests more than in 2014, and a scale-up of 18 percent. Teachers are being paid 5,000 NTD once for each successful application by their students. Apart from this financial support, the conduct of a MOST subsidized study plan certainly means an honorable acknowledgement of personal capabilities, knowledge, and skills, and counts as an outstanding incentive for pursuing a future career.

The most successful departments and colleges for research funds of this MOST plan at CCU are as follows:

  1. Departments:
    Department of Mechanical Engineering (5)
    Department of Law (5)
    Department of Landscape Architecture (4)
    (with an outstanding success rate of 80% of approved applications)
  2. Colleges:
    College of Engineering (9)
    College of Science / College of Business Administration (8 each)
    College of Environmental Design (7)

Sept. 26 Music Valentine’s Day 2015

Chinese Valentine's Day is on the 7th day of the 7th month of the Chinese lunar calendar. In Chinese, it is called Qi-Xi (qi means seven, xi means night). This year, Chinese Valentine's Day was on August 20, 2105. Due to heavy rain caused by a passing typhoon, “2015 Dadaocheng Music Valentine’s Day” has been postponed from August 15 to September 26.

The story behind the Chinese Valentine's Day is the tragic love story of the 7th daughter (Zhinü - the weaver girl) of the Emperor of Heaven and an orphaned cowherd (Niulang - the cowherd). Their love was not approved, and they were forced to opposite sides of the Silver River (the Milky Way) by the Emperor of Heaven: Zhinü had to stay on the planet Vega and Niulang on the planet Altair. The lovers are only allowed to meet once a year right on this 7th day of the 7th lunar month, when a flock of magpies would form a bridge to reunite them. Therefore, the Chinese Valentine's Day is also called Chinese Double Seven Festival, or the Magpie Festival. Yet another name is The Daughter's Festival, as the day for unmarried young girls looking for love.

The myth dates back to about 2600 years ago, and it has been celebrated in the Qixi Festival since the Han Dynasty: On Chinese Valentine's Day, people go to the temple of the matchmaker and pray for love and marriage.

“2015 Dadaocheng Music Valentine’s Day” will take place on September 26 at Dadaocheng Wharf. It includes a wide range of activities, music and games. Everybody is welcome to join and appreciate the moon and fireworks on the eve of the Mid-Autumn Festival!

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Confucius 2565th birthday celebrated on Teacher's Day

In honorable memory of the Great Teacher Confucius, September 28th is celebrated in Chinese culture as the Teacher's Day, and defined as a national holiday. As in every year, the Taipei City Government will hold a ceremony at the Taipei Confucius Temple. On this year's Teacher’s Day, the solemnity is dedicated to the 2565th birthday of the greatest educator in Chinese history.

This ancient ceremony can be traced back to 478 BC, and its conduct in Taipei can be regarded as the most well-preserved traditional one (Department of Civil Affairs, DCA). It includes musical, singing, dancing, and rite performances; with the most important being a "Three Consecrations" ritual: presenting yellow silk first, then incense and alcohol. The officiant needs to wash his hands and tidy his clothes and hat before approaching the Confucius incense burner table and offering incense. Paying respect to this outstandingly worthy philosopher is a truly solemn event. Each year, the ceremony at the Taipei Confucius Temple attracts over one thousand visitors from both Taiwan and abroad.

This year’s special giveaway to participants are 1,500 small book bags bearing the seal of the legendary "Qilin" (Kirin), a mythical chimerical creature. According to legend, Confucius' birth was accompanied by appearances of this sacred beast bearing a jade scroll. Qilin is also known for representing the idea of "ren" (benevolence), an aspect central to Confucian thought.

Admission tickets are needed to attend the event. A total of 100 admission tickets for each of the respective events are given away on site on the day at entry time.

Location: Taipei Confucius Temple, No. 275, Dalong Street, Datong District (MRT Yuan Shan)
Entry for Ritual on September 27: 3:00pm – 3:30pm
Entry for Ceremony on September 28: 5:30am – 6:00am
Duration: The ceremonies will last at least 2 hours.

Please note:

  1. No entry for individuals under the age of 10.
  2. Please wear respectful attire.
  3. No food or drinks are allowed.
  4. Please stay in the designated spectators’ area, and remain silent during the ceremony.
  5. No admission once the ceremony begins.
  6. There are no seats available at the venue.

Earthquake Evacuation Drill Notice

The school will hold the Earthquake Evacuation Drill on National Natural Disaster Prevention Day, Thursday, September 24, 2015. All students and faculties must participate in this drill.

Earthquake Drill Procedure:

  1. 9:10 a.m., a video on Natural Disaster Prevention will be played in every classroom.
  2. 9:21 a.m., after hearing the earthquake broadcasting, take protective action immediately according to the Three Action Steps:
    • 1st Drop
    • 2nd Cover
    • 3rd Hold On
  3. 9:22 a.m., after hearing the emergency evacuation broadcasting, follow the teacher’s instructions, and immediately go to the designated evacuation areas.
    • Leave the building in a quiet and orderly manner.
    • Do NOT use the elevator.
    • Use books, backpacks, or anything available to protect your head.
  4. Upon reaching the designated evacuation area, please wait, and the assigned personnel will take a roll call.

If you are attending a seminar, research activity, or conducting an experiment, you should continue your activity, and then report to the Military Education Office after the drill.

Supervisor of Military Education Office