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CCU Alumni – a new driving force

On November 8, CCU Alumni have gathered to celebrate the 2014 Homecoming event. During the official ceremony held in Bo Ying Hall on 8th floor of the stadium (Da Xiao building), CCU President Prof. Tien- Rein Lee called the Hwa Kang community “a new energetic driving force for the solid development of society”, representing about 260,000 people until today. With CCU Alumni spreading across the world, he said, “what counts is not necessarily the grade of success that each and every person will reach in life, but the contribution that he or she makes,” no matter if in the business world, at home, or in any field of society. Regarding the changes of today’s society, CCU strives hard to keep high teaching quality against the threat of dwindling student numbers. The Hwa Kang community should stand steadfast against the undesirable effects of an ageing population: by facing the challenges, higher education helps securing the continuity of socio-economic progress. In this situation, supporting young people by offering them future perspectives is of great importance. President Lee warmly encouraged Alumni to share their knowledge and experience with the younger generations, and try to support those who are looking for career options. The ceremony further included the introduction of the new digital archive on the CCU Founder’s life and works, music and dance performances of the CCU Department of Arts, and the formal retirement and welcoming of 13 respectively 14 Alumni representatives.