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A Valiant Effort towards the Digital Age

Chinese Culture University Founder Prof. Chang Chi-Yun had devoted his life and work towards the educational tasks of Chinese culture. In an ambitious undertaking, CCU has decided to review, re-organize and re-arrange the heritage of his fruitful and fulfilled life, covering more than 7000 pieces of photographs, copies, and canonical works. Within several years of preparation, the materials will stepwise be made available to the research community in a new digital archive, easily accessible through the internet, and made durable for many more years to come. Due to aging, some exhibits are sticky, losing color, or even damaged, and urgently need to be taken care of. Scanning, compiling, saving and establishing a digital archive follows the need to preserve historical data and make it accessible to modern times. Documents witnessing and proving previous events can then conveniently be used by research.

Aside from providing insight into the patriotic, well-disposed and generous life of a courageous man with great commitment to his personal as well as the society’s aims, the digital archive will also allow to keep record of Taiwan’s political, societal, cultural, and educational situation during the latter half of the 20th century. The project is envisaged to take 3-5 years, and will be structured into 6 categories: photos, letters, newspaper or magazine clippings, drafts, papers and books, government papers and medals. So far, 2500 pieces have been fixed. Due to Prof. Chang's highly skillful tiny brush writing, many of the handwritten pieces demand very careful and attentive processing. Among the exhibits are valuable documents such as the announcement as Minister of Education, and honorary Medals from the government and foreign countries. His numerous written works encompass fine scholarly works on his major subjects, as well as contributions on Chinese history, philosophy, and arts.

CCU Founder's Digital Archive