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Hwa Kang Museum: A Unique Campus Jewel

In 1971, the Hwa Kang Museum was the first and biggest university museum in Taiwan. In the previous 8 years, the profile and character of the Museum had been outlined by the Founder Prof. Chang Chi-Yun along the basic principles guiding the foundation of Chinese Culture University: Higher Education (of the University), Study and Research (of the Research Institutes), and Service Promotion (of Incorporations). In 1963, the museum was called “Chinese Arts Artifacts Showroom” and placed in Da Cheng building, two years later, it was re-named into “Cultural Museum” and moved to Da Yi building. In 1968, its name was changed again to “International Chinese Studies and Information Exhibition Hall”. To facilitate the handling of the exhibition processes and continuous care of the exhibits, the museum was once again moved and integrated into the library building. Now a special office concerned with the Museum’s affairs was set-up within the organizational structure of the College of Chinese Arts. In 1985, the Founder’s son, Chairman Dr. Chang Jen-Hu decided to found the Hsiao Feng Memorial Hall, dedicated to his father. 13 years later, in 1998, construction of the new building complex containing the library, the Data Information Center, and the Hwa Kang Museum was finished. On the University’s foundation date, 1st of March of the following year, the Hwa Kang Museum was formally inaugurated as it is shaped today. Its tasks include archiving, exhibitions, and educational purposes: supporting study and teaching, providing relevant information materials, serving the local community, and contributing to the educational tasks of the society.

The Hwa Kang Museum exhibition area covers about 1,200 sqm, spreading across the building’s 1st, 3rd, and 4th floors and the Ao-Hou Nien Arts Center. Exhibits are kept according to modern principles of archiving and safety. On 4th floor, exhibitions on special Arts topics are held. The 3rd floor shows historical artifacts of Chinese culture and daily life, such as ceramics, folk style paraphernalia, and other. The gallery on 1st floor offers exhibitions space to artists and experts of the University and outside. (Applications are accepted twice a year: before the end of April or November; contact: +886-2-2861-0511 ext. 17604.)

New exhibition: Oil paintings by Prof. Tan Kuo-Chih譚國智教授
Time: 12/2 – 12/26, 2014
Location: Hwa Kang Museum, 1st floor
Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 09:00-16:00
Hwa Kang Museum is closed on public and university holidays. For information on current exhibitions and announcements, please also refer to the University’s event calendar.

Hwa Kang Museum