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Ecological Diversity in Yang Ming Shan Nationalpark

Chinese Culture University is located in the immediate neighborhood of Yang Ming Shan Nationalpark. The climate is both subtropical and moderate, so there is a stunning variety of flora and fauna. Plants here exist in three different modes of vegetation: aquatic, steppe, and forest. The most common are laurels and rot nammu. There is a multitude of animals – at least 30 kinds of mammals, 21 sorts of amphibians, 22 kinds of fish, 53 types of reptiles and 122 forms of birds, 168 varieties of butterflies and countless families of insects, last not least, many kinds of invertebrates. This means, it is indeed a great place to watch nature’s ecological diversity.

The Flowering Season

In spring, many visitors come to enjoy the flowers: Cherry, rhododendron, camellia, peach, wild peony and many more create a sea of blossoms. Also you are invited to attend many activities. This is why Yang Ming Shan Nationalpark is also called „the garden of Taipei“.

Colorful Spring

The season starts with the „spring of Flowers“: From 7th February to 15th of March, visitors can indulge in the rich natural atmosphere combined with harmonic gardening: Flowers can be watched in the cultivation areas or at the giant flower clock. Besides, cherry blossom paintings by a Japanese artist will be on display.

Giant-Taro Festival (Alocasia macrorrhizos)

Following the blossom period, the giant taro season begins. Around the bamboo lake, 600m above sea level, lots of giant taro grow, and you can enjoy the scenery from a well-known observation point. The climate here is perfect for vegetables and flowers. The giant taro spreads throughout a region of 13 hectare.

Calla-Season (Zantedeschia aethiopica)

Next, the Calla-Season sets in. Calla-growing has become an industry, and lasts throughout March till the end of April. Different from the white Calla, the preceding Yang Ming Shan flower season is more colorful. But now tourists can enjoy the white blossoms around the bamboo lake, and: Calla doesn’t only come in white, but farmers also managed to cultivate yellow and purple ones. With the Calla-blossom period, Yang Ming Shan flowering season comes to its end.

Yang Ming Shan Nationalpark