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CCU Distinguished Graduates 2015

Every year at CCU, 30 graduate students will be selected from a range of applicants who strive for the honorary award of becoming a CCU "Most Distinguished Young Hua Gang Representative". This Excellence Award is offered for extraordinary engagement in both study and social activities. It is of special privilege to become selected, by following a scrutinizing procedure.

This year, Markus Zhuang, a graduate from the German Department, is among the meritorious ones to share the glory of this title.

"It has been a difficult time", he admits when being asked about the process. After registering on the internet, he first had to add his bio and a personal profile. Then he added his chosen topic of examination to the content, which was devoted to the University's history. There were both written and oral exams, during which some of the unluckier candidates would fail to be selected.

After his first successful round, Markus wrote a required article which was then published in a special issue of the university’s campus newspaper. Next, he made a one-minute short film telling about his study experiences. Finally, on May 15, he gathered with other candidates in front of the Da-En central administration building to chant the university song. This way, another challenge was mastered – the applicants had been asked to give a public performance.

Markus says that the project "Most Distinguished Young Hua Gang Representative" was an unforgettable experience for him. He has learned a lot during the process: For example, he also added references to his personal profile. "Every time when I have received a reference from an expert, I understood what really counts", he says. And this experience is certainly also useful and important not only for any further future studies, but for any step of a successful professional career.