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New Exhibition: The Exemplary Scholar

The title of the new exhibition is chosen in honorable commemoration of Chinese Culture University's founder, Prof. Chang Chi-Yun, who was born on November 9th, 1901. In the 115th year of his birth date, the Hwa Kang Museum dedicates a collection of skillful paintings and calligraphies to the common remembrance of outstanding achievements at different stages of his life.

The subtitle of the presentation reads: "The true scholar devotes his wisdom for the growth and better future of the whole society". This can be said whole-heartedly and without doubt about Prof. Chang Chi-Yun's life and accomplishments: Against the odds of a century in turmoil, the trouble of great societal change, and even war within and around his home country, Prof. Chang was able to reach high grades in education, succeeded in reaching remarkable professional positions, and even managed to develop an impressive career in politics. In spite of continuing economically and politically challenging conditions, he concluded his life by realizing his vision of founding an institution of Higher Education: with the establishment of Chinese Culture University, Prof. Chang invested not only personal financial assets, but planted the seed of hope for many people striving to improve their lives - and the society they were living in - through sincere study and research, just the way he did it himself.

A fruitful life like this is closely interwoven by countless relations and complex exchange with contemporary scholars. Paying tribute to those renowned personalities, the new exhibition displays connected works of Prof. Chang and famous artists. These elaborate exhibits give insight to artistic, cultural finesse as well as to refined interpretations of historical events and social development.

Visitors are warmly invited to learn more about this rarely seen, impressive collection of objects at Chinese Culture University's Hwa Kang Museum!

Opening hours: Mon - Fri 9.00am - 4.00pm
Duration: 2015/09/15 to 2016/01/30
Location: Hwa Kang Museum, 4th floor
Special Forum: September 30, 3:00 - 4:00pm