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2015 Alumni Homecoming Celebrations

On November 7, nearly 200 CCU Alumni have returned to their university to celebrate the 2015 Homecoming event. During the official ceremony, CCU President Prof. Tien- Rein Lee welcomed members of the three overseas and 11 domestic CCU Alumni branches, representing about 260,000 people worldwide until today. Among these were one of the first graduates ever: a former graduate of the College of Liberal Arts and Director of the College of Business, in his 88th year; a retired Vice-President of Fo Guang University, and a former Chief of the Council of Agriculture (COA), who were also warmly received by Chairman Prof. Chang Jen-Hu.

In his speech, Prof. Chang emphasized CCU’s contribution to nurturing and spreading the values of Chinese culture and education as is expressed in the university’s motto and core ideals: “Seek true knowledge incessantly and always endeavor to do still better” and “to inherit the best that the East and the West has to offer; to absorb the essence of Chinese and Foreign Cultures”.

The ceremony included a memorial concert for the university Founder Prof. Dr. Chang Chi-Yun, performed by the Hwa Kang Arts Society and Hwa Kang Chorus, with 388 guests attending. In the afternoon, 12 teams participated in an Alumni volleyball competition. A special exhibition introduced the exemplary success stories of 29 Alumni-led companies, with six representatives being on-site and 19 university departments have welcomed former graduates. Besides, the Hwa Kang Museum and the Library conduct ongoing special exhibitions about the Founder’s life and achievements.

CCU Alumni have donated to their school by offering 2 Mio NTD for study support from Wan Shou Hsing Ye Company, and a series of ink paintings worth more than 50,000 USD from the Department of Printing / College of Engineering. CCU Alumni’s feedback was summarized in their remark seeing themselves as “brokers supporting their school”.

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