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Paradise for Food & Fun-loving Creatures

Food from the Far Eastern hemisphere grew from a long tradition. Nowadays it is easy to find Chinese cuisine in every large international city. However, some critics insist that there are true Chinese delicacies that can only be found in Taiwan. For the Taiwanese people, food means art, and it also represents their culture. With the unique history of Taiwan, its broad, diverse local cuisine has emerged: here you don't just find Chinese dishes, but a wide range of choices from all places around the world.

One of Taiwan's local specialities are the night markets. Every town has its own ones, and there are different kinds of them. There are those which open on a daily schedule in fixed areas, like Ningxia, Shilin, and Raohe night markets. Others may open only on certain dates, usually twice a week. Then there are some that take place in changing locations, like the Garden night market. But they all serve for early evenings entertainment, shopping, and other joy of consumption. Among them, some will only offer traditional snacks and bites, while others provide additional attractions, as on Shilin night market, which is the closest one to CCU and is a big and well-known of its kind.

Many tourists like to stroll through its narrow streets,and the many restaurants, street stalls and shops. What makes it so attractive? Before 2002, this hadn't been a regular market. Then the city government decided on reconstruction and rebuilt the area. The new night market is larger and separated into sections, and there are now more shops. There is also an underground food court which is highly appealing to many visitors. Shopping is fun, as you can get a big bag of souvenirs for your friends and family at very reasonable prices. Shilin night market is near to the MRT stop Jiantan and can also conveniently be reached by bus.

Night markets play an important role in Taiwan's tourism. If you don't know where to go and catch some food, then it's a proper choice to join friends on a night market tour. Besides the food, you can try some funny games there, buy fancy clothes or other interesting stuff that you think you might need. Now, do you feel hungry? - Come, have a try!