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Happy Chinese New Year!
Chinese New Year in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China

Chinese New Year is the biggest festival for all people with a traditional Chinese background and they celebrate it starting from the first until the 15th day of the first month of the traditional lunar calendar. This includes a twelve-year cycle marked by the twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac, and so the upcoming year is now going to be represented by the monkey. However, different places follow different regional or even local traditions. Which are the specific traditions in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China?

Chinese New Year in Taiwan

In Taiwan, there are many kinds of religious rituals and different customs, partly influenced from Japan or China. On the first day, people will do sacrifices to the Gods of the temples, so this year will have a lucky beginning. The following day, married women and their husbands will celebrate New Year their parents. R. Man isst Radish is due to the similar pronunciation in Chinese, as "Hou-Tsai-Tou" means "good luck".

Chinese New Year in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, Chinese New Year is also very interesting: it is forbidden to lit fireworks. Nowadays people like to watch parades held on the first day, or watch TV-programs on "Feng Shui", the geomantic doctrine from China on good energy and how to cultivate it in every day life and dwelling. People in Hongkong believe that Feng Shui can teach and tell them if the upcoming year will be an auspicious one for them. Besides, they will prepare radish and taro cake and other things as presents for their relatives and friends. Normally, in Hongkong there are three days of holidays to celebrate, but the third day named "chec hao" is called to evoke haunting. So people will visit the "Che Kung temple" and ask for heavenly support. Another option is to go travel with the family, meaning they will all stay together and spend the time of the New Year celebrations in a very special way.

Chinese New Year in China

China is very large and there are so many provinces with their specific traditions: for example, in the north people will have dumplings for New YearPeople prepare and eat them together. As traditions and family are important to them, people working abroad or in other parts of the country will return home. Different from Hongkong, litting fireworks is still an important tradition in China, as it means to lighten up the first day of the New Year.

So, there are many ways to celebrate the Chinese New Year, and they are all of special meaning and importance for people of a traditional Chinese background. Certain traditions in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China may show some overlap in customs, but still there are many differences in regional procedures and habits. Anyway, certainly the best way to understand the New Year celebrations is to be there and enjoy the experience!