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Cross-Cultural Culinary Combat

As every year, the "Week of the Foreign Language Departments" will soon take place again in front of the Da-Yi building - it will be celebrated from 21st to 25th March 2016. The aim of the event is to promote the intercultural exchange between the students.

Usually, every department will offer a particular speciality: for example, last year, the English Department offered English toast, black tea and milk tea. The French Department served the students with French toast, crêpes and omelettes. The German Department prepared German sausages, Karamalz and potatoe soup.

Last year's slogan was "Around the world within 60 seconds". Why within 60 seconds? The reason for this is the similar sound of the Chinese words. The six represents the six departments and the ten sounds similar to the word for food in Chinese. This year the slogan is "Cross-Cultural Culinary Combat (六次'食'界大戰)".

The most popular department last year has been the Japanese Department. They sold a lot of their dishes, such as salmon with rice, Daifuku and Matcha-Latte. The second most popular department was the Korean Department. The students really liked their Topokki, Jajangmyeon und Pajeon and so, the staff managed to sell all of their offered delicacies.

This year, the German Department is planning to change the menue. Of course, there'll definitely be a food stall selling German sausages. The students can choose between an original, a white and a smoked one. Every sausage will be served with a bun, and ketchup or mustard can be added, too. So, every sausage is served as a typical German snack. Offering German sausages here on campus is something special, because the taste is quite different to the Taiwanese ones. The biggest difference to the local choices is that German sausages are much saltier.

Other typical German food, for example the "Brezel", won't appear on the menue this year. The reason why the German Department decided not to serve these again is last year's experience, that most of the Brezels had cooled down and lost their taste before they could be sold. In consequence, fewer students liked to try a Brezel. Besides, this time, the German students have opted for serving mashed potatoes instead of potatoe soup. It is a convenient dish that you may enjoy pure as it is, or together with a sausage.

For beverages, the German Department will of course offer German beer, the most popular (and most famous?!) in the whole wide world. For those who don't like drinking alcohol, the German Department recommends to try the non-alcoholic malt beer, so this will be on offer, too.

All students of the Foreign Language Departments hope to sell a lot of their specialities, and look forward to getting to know the other cultures, their customs and culinary delights!