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A Source for New Ideas: The "Eco-Library" in Beitou

"A room without books is like a body without a soul.“

Beitou is mostly known for it's hot springs, but also interesting is the Beitou library, 2007 built and seated in the 100 years old Beitou park. This library is considered as one of the environmentally friendliest buildings in Taiwan.

The Beitou library is also one of the first green buildings in Taipei which uses many recyclable building materials. It has a rain water collecting system, the water from this system is used to supply the library with water. Furthermore, the library is run by solar energy. This way, natural energy is saved, collected and recycled. It is so eco-friendly, you almost can feel the wind on your face while studying in the library.

This library’s structure is also unusual: materials are without reinforcement. The building’s framework is made from wood, otherwise, there’s just lots of greenery outside. With an inventory of 63,000 books, arranged in different categories and fields of interest, it is a comparatively huge library. The equipment also includes a sufficient number of computers with quick internet access.

But why do we need a green library? I mean, why choose building a library and not any other kind of public institution to become an example of eco-friendly architecture? There is one important reason: Chef Designer Qing Hua Zhang 张清华 wanted to pass the green concept down to the people. She thinks that when you want to learn something you go to the library, because there you can easily broaden your mind. In conclusion the Beitou library is the keypoint where we can learn and at the same time see how environmental protection works.

The Chef Designer’s motto is: a room without books is like a body without a soul. In accordance to this motto she thinks it is the most important duty to connect education with environmental protection.

We just have one earth! Our natural resources are limited. We all have the responsibility to protect the environment. What do you think about it? Do you like the concept that the knowledge of the environment is passed down in a green library?

Beitou Library (in Beitou Park)
Opening hours: Tuesday ~ Saturday / 08: 30-21: 00 Sunday ~ Monday. / 09: 00-17: 00
Closed: every first Thursday / month
Public transportation: MRT Station Xin Beitou