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Vision & Mission

Chinese Culture University (CCU) was founded by Prof. Chang Chi-Yun in 1962 under the name “Far East University”, and later called “College of Chinese Culture” by the late ROC President Chiang Kai-Shek.

Chang Er-Chi, a famous scholar of the Qing Dynasty, said:
"The will of the scholar is the source upon which the whole world is governed and the people find their happiness."

The words are meant to raise the political and social awareness in the life of the university student. Chang's words set the goal for our academic community, as is expressed in the university’s Song of Hwa Kang.

The classical ideals of the six arts of education represent the heart of traditional Chinese culture:

  • Li (propriety) and Yueh (music) - cultivating character and personality;
  • She (archery) and Yi (charioting) - training physical prowess; and
  • Shu (academic studies) and Shu (arithmetic) - developing the intellect.

The six arts of education were established by the sage-teacher Confucius in ancient times.

At Chinese Culture University, Chinese and Western ideals of traditional value and modern innovations are combined into leading edge topics, bridging cultural experience, and meeting the demand of the globalized world.

Our main areas of education comprise

  • The Arts
  • Physical Education
  • Cross-Cultural Communication
  • Modern Media and Journalism
  • Architecture and Environmental Design
  • Chinese Mainland Institute