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CCU Logo
The Golden Bell

The logo of the golden, large ancient bell denotes the importance of education. The ringing of the bell admonishes people to listen to its message, like a teacher devotes his life to spread knowledge. Chinese Culture University (CCU) adheres to the Confucian postulate that the princely man should share his knowledge: the logo stands for the university’s ambition to pursue this mission.

Like a power plant, expanding far-reaching rays of light to warm and brighten up the world; or a radio station sending sound waves without any limitations, Chinese Culture University is dedicated to be heard and recognized as a center of Culture and science in the modern world.

The logo has been designed by the first Director of the CCU Department of Arts, Ms. Sun, Duo-Ci.

The CCU Skyline

The logo shows the university’s skyline as seen from the northern, Hwa-Kang community direction. Its colors are yellow and gray: In Chinese, the words huang and hui mean imperial brilliance and glory, and the sound of these words is the same as for the colors yellow (huang) and gray (hui). Yellow is the traditional color of the Chinese emperor: it stands for the imperial cultural ideals, its exquisite achievements, and ever-lasting wisdom; while gray is a neutral color, reflecting strict academic attitude, roclk-solid persistence, and duration. The CCU campus buildings are built by neutral stone with yellow window frames, and the campus floor is designed in grey bricks with yellow brick rectangles. Many roofs are built with yellow tiles.

The new skyline differs from the logo as Da-En building had been re-built.

The Emblem

The seal-shaped, emblem-like logo combines the CCU skyline and the guiding spirit as laid out by the University’s founder Prof. Dr. Chang Chi-Yun: Temperament, Simplicity, Strength, and Tenacity, underlining the importance of a student’s mindful awareness of the significance of education and social responsibility in life. This logo also integrates the colors of the bell and the skyline, becoming a perfect symbol that can, different from the more widely applied bell and skyline logos, be properly used for specific occasions.