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University Song
The Song of Hwa Kang Lyrics declares:
"The overwhelming beauty of Mt. Yang Ming reflects the essence of reform."

The song emphasizes the importance of study for personal growth, and to become a responsible member of the community. It reminds us that in order to create a humane society, education should follow eternal principles that exist like natural laws. Among these, true knowledge and insight, interrogation, cautious thought, and clear discern are indispensable; as is a constantly self-critical attitude, to approach the kind of wisdom and understanding that can bring peace and lasts for ages.

University Song

In Hwa Kang, on beautiful Mount Yang Ming, instruction of classic Chinese tradition in superb environment,
aspiring transformation by Sun Yat-Sen’s thought.
Erudition, close examination, cautious thought, clear discern -
students must have genuine understanding, then there will be diligent practice.
Never do to others what you don't want others do to you.
Adding a human dimension to nature, securing people’s well-being -
enliven the exceptional teachings of the grand academics! Preserve peace for countless generations!
Between earth and sky, on the elevated Hwa Kang hill:
tidying the clothes, washing the feet, watching the river flow, immeasurably wide, infinitely far.

Translation: Prof. Cha-Jen Yen, Susanne Schick