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A Treasure Trove of Knowledge and Insight
Early Years

When this university was founded on 1st of March, 1962, the Founder Prof. Chang Chi-Yun regarded the library as its backbone, and decided to invest a substantial amount of funds in its equipment. When construction of the Da-Cheng building was completed, the early library was placed on its second floor, named Bo-Nan Reading Room in commemoration of General Chen Bo-Nan who had donated 1 million Taiwan Dollars to the library. Seven years later, the library expanded to the 5th floor of Da-Yi building, and in 1972, after Da-Dian building was erected, the library moved into its own independent premises.

The Modern Facility

On 1st of March 1999, at the 37th anniversary of CCU, the official opening ceremony of the Hsiao Feng Memorial Hall was held: this 21,836 sqm building is hosting the library on seven floors, with a comprehensive outline of usage, not just including a systematic structure of special interest areas and categorization of data, but: this library today is a diversified, digitized, modernized knowledge-based data resource and study center, offering faculty and students an excellent study and research environment of superior quality.

Collections and Networks

With more than 1.4 million books, roughly 7000 different kinds of journals in various languages, and nearly 74,000 pieces of audio-video material available, the CCU library is one of the top most famous libraries, ranking 6th Taiwan. Following the global trend of digitalization, the library is also embracing online networking, and has so far contracted with 195 online databases.

The e-campus network includes the intra-library system, CCU campus, and collaboration in book circulation with 5 big universities in Taipei: National Taiwan University, National Taiwan Normal University, National Chengchi University, and Tamkang University. Furthermore, CCU library is connected to the overall Taiwan universities online network, and applied library cards from 19 libraries, most of them located in Taipei.

Library Services

The library card allows students to lend up to five books for 21-30 days for free from libraries covered under this agreement.
The library structure also includes the following outstanding characteristics:

  • “The Educator Prof. Chang Chi-Yun’s Digital Archive”
  • Original documents and exhibits of the University Founder Prof. Chang Chi-Yun
  • Complete record of dissertations and master theses of CCU graduates
  • Donated collections of famous authors, like Miao Feng-Ling (繆鳳林), Chang Chun-Mai (張君勱),Tsiang Ting-Fu (蔣廷黻), Song Shee (宋晞), and others.
  • Provincial, urban and local chronicles on the latest 500 years of historical, administrative and cultural life in China and in Taiwan.
Services provided by the CCU library include:
24-hours / 7-days-a-week-reading room Television on PC section
iMac filmmaker study room Printing and scanning services
Video room Each department’s reference books section
iPad-section LINE library info-service
Study rooms for research projects Discussion rooms for 6-36 persons