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Chinese Culture University stands fast to the following resolutions:

  1. Equal Emphasis upon Specialized Knowledge and General Education
  2. Modernizing Facilities and Promoting Instructional Quality
  3. Providing Distanced Learning Systems
  4. Sharing State-of-the Art Educational Resources
  5. Building Instruction-Aided Systems and Increasing Teacher-Student Interaction
  6. Encouraging Multiple Majors to Meet the Demands of Society
  7. Enhancing International Academic Exchanges and Globalization
  8. Implementing Student Surveys to Promote Instruction
  9. Combining Theoretical Instruction with Practical Application
  10. Upgrading Research Quality and Participating in International Conferences

At Chinese Culture University, you have the chance to explore a wide range of choices of study programs and combinations. We warmly invite you to discover this variety of opportunities, and to enjoy unfolding your talents, knowledge, and experience in every respect.