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Hwa Kan


I am the Hwa Kang Orange, the sweetie of the CCU campus life. I will accompany your student years and help you in good times as in bad. I may look small but I have a big, big heart to share with everyone! And I hope you will all join me in my hope for everlasting happiness!

I am called “Hwa Kan” 華柑”. My name was chosen after the origin of the Hwa Kang hill – 華岡 - which had once been an orange plantation. So my Chinese name means: Hwa Kang Orange, as Hwa 華stands for Chinese culture, Kang 岡 for the hill, but Kan 柑for orange. - Isn’t that cute?

As I was born here, I know how different life on CCU campus is from other universities. The four seasons have their characteristics, but they are even more special here: In summer as in winter, strong winds are blowing here, and heavy rains may come down on Yang Ming Shan. But with lively spirits, we bravely persist against the hardship!

And as you may see, in spring and fall, nature rewards us with its abundant beauty, offering myriads of magnificent blossoms and heavenly scents. And in this place of decades’ long history, let’s respectfully follow the founder’s guiding principles:

Temperament, Simplicity, Strength and Tenacity,

and celebrate every new day with fresh enthusiasm!