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About Student Life

Student life in Taiwan is a colorful and exciting experience. But if this is your first time to come, you might need to know some important things that can help to make your life easier and convenient.

Please check here for some helpful information about daily life necessities:

You may also join the International Office's facebook site (after your enrolment) at:
CCU International Student Association

How to get around by bus and the MRT?

Easy Card
The Easy Card makes getting around easy. There are many kinds of Easy Cards: one of them is for students, and you get a 20% discount with this when you go with public transportation. You can buy the Easy Card in every subway station and convenience store. The first purchase is 200 NTD, including a 100 NTD deposit and the price of 100 NTD. The card can be used for 2 years, counting from the last time used; and you can refill the card at every convenience store, subway station and automatic teller machine.

Your student card can function as Easy Card as well!

Subway / MRT
Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) is one of the convenient ways of public transportation in Taiwan. In Taiwan, there are two cities which have MRT: Taipei and Kaohsiung (in southern Taiwan). Taipei MRT has four main lines:

1 Brown line (or Wenshan-Neihu)
runs between Taipei Zoo and Nangang Software Park.

2 Red line (or Danshui-Xinyi)
runs from Danshui to Xiangshan Station. Some trains only go between Beitou and Da-An Stations.

3 Green line (or Songshan-Xindian)
runs from Songshan Station to Xindian. It connects to the Red line at Zhongshan Station, to the Brown line at Fuxing-Nanjing Station, to the Orange line at Guting and Songjiang-Nanjing Stations, and to the Blue line at Ximen Station.

4 Orange line (or Xinzhuang-Nanshijiao / Luzhou-Nanshijiao)
starts from Xinzhuang (4a) and connects with the Blue line at Zhongxiao Xinsheng Station, and with the Red line at Minquan West Road Station. Luzhou-Nanshijiao line is called 4b.

5 Blue line (or Banqiao-Nangang)
runs between Yongning Station and Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center. This line passes through the main business districts in Taipei.

Get more information at http://english.trtc.com.tw

Taxis in Taipei are yellow. You can book a taxi by phone and ask for a receipt from the driver.

The Taipei bus system is very convenient and the time quite accurate. Buses show the names of their destination on top of the front in Pinyin letters. Normally, the price for one trip is NT$15. It’s very easy if you have Easy Card.

How to open a bank account?

At the Post Office:

  • You need a stamp of your Chinese or English name.
    (There is a stamp store near the outside Family Mart convenient store, the price for a Chinese stamp is around NTD 50, for an English one NTD 100)
  • Bring your ARC
  • A deposit of NTD 100
  • Fill in an application form (you can get it at the University’s post office)

At the China Trust Bank:

  • Bring your ARC
  • Bring your Student ID
  • Fill in an application form
    (you can get it at the University’s 24-hour internet-café building, staff will be present there every Mon, Wed and Fri from 12:30- 1:40pm )

Where can you buy things for daily life?

There is a 24-hours supermarket called 'Wellcome' which is located within a 10 minutes walk outside the campus. Here you can get food, also fresh vegetables and fruit, and other daily necessities. There are also convenience stores (7-Eleven & Family Mart) around the campus. The famous Shilin Night Market is right down the hill, where you can get almost everything you need.

How to apply for a mobile phone?

First, you can buy a prepaid SIM card at 7-Eleven, and after you have received your ARC, you can then bring your ARC to any cell-phone company for subscribing to a new phone contract.

Useful basic Chinese sentences for daily life:

  • How much is this? (zhe ge duo shao qian 這個多少錢?)
  • Please give me an English menu. (qing gei wo ying wen cai dan 請給我英文菜單)
  • How to go to 'Shilin Night Market'? (shi lin ye shi zen me zou士林夜市怎麼走?)
  • Hi, is Carly here? (ni hao, Carly zai ma 你好,Carly在嗎?)
  • Excuse me, I want to photostat. (bu hao yi si, wo yao ying yin不好意思,我要影印)

Where can you change your currency into New Taiwan Dollars (NTD)?

Once you arrive at airport, you can change money there directly. Or you can go to any branch of the Bank of Taiwan: http://www.bot.com.tw/Pages/default.aspx. Just remember, the currency change service end at 3 PM.

If you need any other support, please don’t hesitate to contact the
Office of International and Mainland China Affairs
2nd floor Fei-Hua Building
CCU Campus