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2014 Hot Spring Season starts!

Taiwan has a unique hot spring culture, with hot springs in different parts of the island, and resorts of all comfort classes. You may want to indulge in a high-class hotel’s stylish luxury spa, or combine a hiking trip with a refreshing soak, or just have fun splashing in one of the public hot springs: Here is the good news - all of these are available within short distance from the Chinese Culture University campus, on Yang Ming Shan and in Beitou. With October having arrived and cooler temperatures being expected soon, the 2014 Taipei Hot Spring Season kicked-off recently with a five-day-long event at MRT Xinbeitou Station Plaza. Nearby, you can also find a Plum Garden, the Beitou Hot Springs Museum, the unique ecologically built Beitou Library, and the Ketagalan Culture Center, and of course, many nice restaurants of all price ranges. The smell of sulphur and steam are constantly rising from the waters and out of the water lines. To the aboriginal people of the area, Beitou valley had the appearance of a witch's cauldron, and so they had named it paktaaw, meaning “witch”. This is how the Chinese name Beitou was chosen. The Geothermal Valley, or “Hell Valley”, is another unique scenic spot to visit: The spring has a high temperature between 80 to 100 degrees Celsius, therefore unsuitable for body contacts, but it is one out of two high temperature hydrochloric acid springs worldwide.