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Happy gatherings throughout the year

Every semester, the International Office organizes a series of events for International Students, aiming to ensure that they can make the most of their stay in Taiwan. Students are warmly welcome to attend and enjoy the multi-faceted activities, including tastes of local food and entertainment, Chinese language competitions, excursions to other parts of Taiwan, and more. In fall 2014, the list of events comprises:

  • English summer camp
  • Freshmen introduction for the new International Students
  • Introduction lecture on student assistants guidelines for Overseas Students
  • Welcome celebration night for new International Students
  • Excursion: Yilan Cultural Arts Center, Harry Potter Theme Park
  • Halloween friendship party
  • A taste of Chinese culture: Hua Shan Creative Park, Taipei Tea Garden, Chinese Opera
  • Chinese singing contest
  • Excursion: Leofoo Village Theme Park
  • Chinese book club and chess play
  • Winter arrival warm-up: Hot Pot night
  • Spring festival students and faculty banquet

At CCU, we hope that our international friends will enjoy their new experiences, learn much about the local culture, and build many new friendships during their stay!

The CCU International Office in provides details on facebook
(closed group for CCU International Students.)