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National Martial Arts Championship

At the weekend of December 19-21, CCU conducted two outstanding events of its most celebrated sports education departments: the “National Martial Arts Championship” in the modern sports facilities on campus, and the "50 years of CCU Baseball Athletes" - Alumni Match in the well-known Taipei Tian-Mu baseball arena. For the National Martial Arts Championship, Sports Departments of 50 universities all over Taiwan had sent teams to the competition, summing up to a total of 462 fighters: The traditional Martial Arts disciplines counted 328 participants, 92 fought in Kickboxing, 124 in the Dragon-Lion competition, 35 in the team contests, and some did two disciplines.

Chinese Culture University students managed to achieve 19 awards among the first two to four ranks, depending on category and discipline. In the almost 53 years of CCU history, the Martial Arts fighters have greatly contributed to strengthening the Sports Department’s sound reputation as a high-quality teaching unit. Their excellence has helped build up the fame not only of their own personal success but also of the high-class sports education at Chinese Culture University.

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