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2015 International Students Gala Dinner

At the end of each semester, Chinese Culture University invites the International Students to celebrate the conclusion of a successful study term. On January 8th, students from 13 countries welcomed the New Year and joined to perform a joyful, entertaining evening. Together with staff and faculty, about 500 people attended the event. As most honorable guests, the Vice-Director of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Council, Prof. Hsin Shi-Chang, and the Ministry of Education’s (MOE) Consultant for International and Cross-Straits Education, Prof. Chi Yao-Zong, have been warmly received. The Chairman of the Board of Chinese Culture University, Prof. Chang Jen-Hu, presided the evening, which has been organized by the CCU International and Cross-Straits Affairs Office, and took place in Hwa Young Hotel, Zhong Shan District, Taipei.

CCU President Prof. Lee Tien-Rein hosted the ceremony, respectfully conducted according to the rules of Chinese tradition, like a well-known proverb goes: “Think of the source when you drink water”. The President pointed out that during the study time, a connection between the students and the Hwa Kang community has been built, which can serve as the basis for a long-term relationship. Overseas Chinese Affairs Council Vice-Director Hsin mentioned that among the 80 universities in Taiwan holding Spring Time Gala Dinners, CCU’s event is the earliest and most elaborate. He also encouraged the students to proceed with studying, extend their stay in Taiwan and make use of government incentives provided to support young people for exploring professional career opportunities in Taiwan. MOE Consultant Prof. Chi delivered a greeting from Minister of Education Prof. Wu Se-Hwa, appreciating the students’ courageous decision to leave their home countries for the purpose of studying abroad, and thanking CCU for taking good care of them. Chi also mentioned his hope that the students may have experienced the spirit of Chinese culture, and keep Taiwan in good memory.