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2015 Kending Music Festival

The evening sun, the soft breeze and rock music - the young men and women wore hot pants and danced to the sound of the most enthusiastically celebrated music festival at the southern tip of Taiwan. The biggest one of its kind in Taiwan, this year's Kending Music Festival was conducted on 4th April in the Kending National Park area. The event was arranged in six parts, like "Electronic Music", "Foam Festival", Spring Music, and so on. Many well-known stars performed, among them Zhang Zhengyue, Wang Ruoling, Xiao Jingteng, and others. The audience could choose freely where to go first. A presenter from Taiwan attending the festival described it as a great opportunity for people to relax and let go, different from daily life in Taipei. There were also many students from Chinese Culture University, one of them saying: "There are no shy people around here." Watching everyone enjoying the scene in comfortable clothes, tank tops and flip-flops, this is easy to understand: there is music all around, and bars and restaurants are filled with people having a good time. - Kending is just a little town, but the atmosphere is just amazing!

So far, the Kending Music Festival looks back to a 20-year-history. It is the oldest one of its kind, and also a great chance for doing business. Every year, the festival attracts as many as 200,000 visitors! And this is also the reason why it is so difficult to reserve tickets and rooms at that time. But don't worry - here we show you a link from where you can book hotels, buy tickets and check the program in advance! We hope you will have a great time next time you go to Kending for the Kending Music Festival!