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CCU Commencement 2015

This semester has come to its end, and everybody has been looking forward to the countless celebrations that have taken place, among these are two major events - 風華伍三 吾愛吾山concert and the CCU commencement.

The風華伍三 吾愛吾山 concert happened on 3rd June at 6:30 pm on 2nd floor of the gymnasium. The presenters were: Ms. Jane Huang (黃美珍), Mr. Eric Chou (周興哲), Ms. A-Fu Teng (鄧福如), Mr. Hsiao Hung Jen (蕭閎仁), and Mr. Shin’s rock band 831 (八三夭). The evening has been moderated by Ms. Jung Chia容嘉. Members had been admitted first (tickets were provided from the the authorities of each department). Students who were not members of the Students Graduation Service Committee could buy tickets starting from 29th May (more information provided on fb). The fee was 150 NTD, the benefit concert’s profit was given for community projects. Admitted audience were CCU students only. The commencement was held on June 6th in the same location. There have been two groups:

  1. Science, Law, Social Science, Agriculture, Engineering, Journalism and the SCE (the School of Continuing Education of Chinese Culture University).
  2. Literature, Foreign Languages, Economics, Arts, Environmental Protection, and Pedagogics.

The first group gathered at 9:20am in front of the Da-En building for the last campus tour starting at 9:30am. The ceremony for this group began one hour later. The second group arrrived at Da-En building at 1:10pm. Their tour started at 1:30pm, and the ceremony at 2:20pm.

In order to preserve a respectful atmosphere, the following guidelines had to be observed:

  • Children under 12 were not allowed, and no pets also.
  • After the ceremonies started, attendants were advised to remain silent.
  • Early arrival recommended: 30 minutes before the beginning.
  • Due to traffic conditions, public transportation should be considered.
  • Graduates were advised to wear light colored shirts and dark ties, no sandals.

We warmly express our great thankfulness to all participants!