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4th Graders Farewell-Party

Every year, the student association of the German Department prepares a farewell party for the students of the 4th grade. This is a traditional convention at CCU.

Time flies, and June is a sad month for the seniors, as they will soon finish their study time and leave the campus. But the student association works hard for seeing them off with an unforgettable event. In order to prepare this, they have done a survey with many choices for the seniors to select from: such as different dates, restaurants, or dresscodes. As a result, a Korean restaurant near Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall has become the location of choice. About 60 participants have come to join the evening, many of them sophomores and seniors. The organizers also required a dresscode, and asked the attendees to wear dark colors.

Last year, the party was held on campus, and one of the attractions had been that students threw balloons filled with water at each other. Other balloons filled with air were set free to fly over the mountains: a concept symbolizing the future lives, and that friends will now leave for differenth directions.

To make sure the seniors would leave with lots of beautiful memories, on the evening of 13th May, there were many exciting games and a big surprise. For example, the „know-it-all“ about Germany is a competition where everyone can participate, and whoever has the correct solution to a question will receive a present. Also, the student association had prepared a film for the graduates with teachers sending their compliments.

More than 40 seniors have finished their studies at the German Department this year. On average, there are 4,500 CCU graduates every year, of which about 400 graduate from the College of Internatiaonl Studies and Foreign Languages.