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Halloween-Concert - A Huge Hit!

On 28th October, the evening of Halloween, a big concert was held in the stadium of the university, with thousands of students attending.

The first band on stage was the local music group „The White Eyes“, presenting six songs, followed by the new "beat-boxing" band "Paiwan", which is an ensemble of native tribe members. They're also the currently hottest new group in Taiwan! Paiwan also presented one hit in their own language: a really beautiful sound to many listeners, no matter if you would understand a word or not.

Afterwards, more well-known artists were singing famous tracks. The highlight of the evening was, of course, the performance of the Taiwanese singer Cheers Chen, as she is highly popular among the young people here. She presented five of her songs, and then students kept asking for more until she sang a sixth one.

The concert wasn't only open to CCU students, but also to teachers and students coming from abroad, among them many from China mainland and Thailand. Everyone was enchanted and many contributed to the special atmosphere with their colored glow sticks. Maybe the stars and songs had been unknown to some in the audience before, but they have certainly enjoyed the cheerful mood. It's been a very pleasant night for everyone who had been there.

Admission tickets could be purchased beforehand on campus at the Da-Yi building. Members of the students' association paid 50 NTD, non-members 200 NTD. Whoever wore a halloween costume was awarded a gift: like a poster, a T-shirt, an album, or an USB stick.