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Farewell Party for Exchange Students

The official CCU farewell party for exchange students was held on the evening of January 5 at the Hwa-Young Hotel, Taipei. The whole party had an elegant feeling to it: About 500 people participated and took this opportunity to dress up in formal wear.

After a short greeting the program of the evening started with one of the many performances. Some students had dressed up as monkeys, performing an acrobatic dance to welcome the new year (of the monkey). Dances of students of many different countries, such as South Korea, Malaysia and Hong Kong, followed. They were rewarded with great applause. The song performed by the business graduates showed their memories of their time at university in a touching way.

Even the German exchange students prepared something and showed a glimpse of German drinking culture. They introduced some of the many different kinds of beer and showed an unknowing student how to do a Cheers right. The audience clapped along happily during the toast (Prosit) at the end.

Also, many speeches were held, thanking for the good times and beautiful memories and giving the best of wishes for the future.

The food was served during the performances, which added to the joyful atmosphere. Everything went silent only during the traditional Chinese new year ceremony. Presents were given, and the ancestors were honored, and such the upcoming New Year was welcomed.

Towards the end of the evening one student of every country was asked on stage to wish everybody a happy new year in their native language. Some greetings made everybody wonder and laugh, because of their uncommon pronunciation. The highlight for many people was the lottery with many prices, even though not every ticket won. Afterwards many group pictures were taken to keep the evening in memory.

This event is held every year to motivate students to keep studying and show them Taiwan's benefits. More than 80 universities organize this kind of event, but the PCCU was the first to do so. Furthermore, every time they turn out choosing the best location to hold the party.