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Celebrating the "German Night 2015"

The traditional annual event of the German Department, the „German Night“ („Der Deutsche Abend“), took place on December 6, 2015 in Hsing-Chung-Hall of Da-Cheng building. - What is it all about? Students of all four academic years come up with presenting the results of their month-long teamwork by singing and playing theater to their professors. Aside from the entertaining performances, the event also serves in helping students to connect and find new friends.

The first performance on stage was given by the Freshmen. Based on the film "Toy Story", they sang the songs "I'll make a man out of you" and "You've got a friend in me" in a German translation. Moreover, they designed a small theater setting. As they have been studying German for only four months, the performance had become a big, but nicely mastered challenge for them! The following performances by students of the second, third and fourth years then were all inspired by famous plays and fairytales presented as short plays: contents were changed and funny new parts written and added.

The second year students chose "Hansel and Gretel" as the leading thread but integrated the fairy tales "Little Red Riding Hood" and "TheFrog Prince" into the plot - ending up as a well-played comedy rewarded with much applause from the audience. In another very creative and funny approach, the third year invented a play named "To the most beloved intruder", by drawing on parts of different local traditional stories. Their laborious preparation and extraordinary costumes - including witches, mermaids, and a beast turning into a lovely prince - immediately caught the attention of the audience.

The evening closed with a special version of "The Wizard of Oz" presented by the seniors, also giving their last performance at a German Night before leaving the university. The plot of their play was presented as a creative new interpretation of the original. Because of their experience, these students sovereignly impressed the audience with their requisites, costumes and pronounciation. With the help of lots of plush, card and color, the actors became lions, robots and other creatures. Especially the leading actress impressed the audience not only with her pronunciation, so that in the end, she was elected by the professors as the evening's best actress.

Between the performances, a lottery was held with delicious gifts sponsored by local gastronomy: The "Bauernhaus German Restaurant" and "Oma's German Bakery" had kindly offered a selection of cookies and pretzels, for the lucky winners to enjoy!